Thank You

Sometimes, I take a lot of things for granted But today, I refuse to be ungrateful I choose to make this about you. Yes, You! Thank you for sticking with me Through the inconsistencies and all All I am here to say is Thank you.  


Oh College

You know, I assumed that after five semesters I will be used to the nerve- wrecking feeling that accompanies the beginning of a new semester. Oh boy, I think I lied to myself because here I am already exhausted and in dire need of a break.

My Prayer for You

The night is slowly fading, But before my eyes are laid to rest I choose to write this prayer for you, Because I know The One who answers, Is on call twenty - four seven.   Tonight, I ask on your behalf, That above all things, You'd have that Peace, Not the one everyone pretends to have, … Continue reading My Prayer for You

Dilemmas (sometimes) Faced ||Musings of an International Student

Before you proceed: So, this post sat in my drafts folder collecting dust like no man's business. I thought about discarding it countless times but then each time I could not bear to hit the trash button. What you are about to read might be a tad bit different from what you've always seen here … Continue reading Dilemmas (sometimes) Faced ||Musings of an International Student

Life Lately || Stock-Taking

Hello Friends, Happy Augusttttttt Contrary to my thoughts, July flew so fast that it seems like August is following suit too. Kind of difficult to believe it is the 6th of August already. Without further ado, let's get to the stocktaking business of the day. Taking into consideration that my summer break is almost over. School … Continue reading Life Lately || Stock-Taking


*puts phone on mute and sets aside Whoops Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!! I am gladdened that you have decided to join me today on the blog. Thank you for stopping by. Get ready because today we will be talking about blog awards. Blog awards are posts based on questions asked by fellow bloggers … Continue reading AWARDS || TWO in ONE

So Far So Good.

Hello friends,  Happy July!!!!  Just like that 2017 is halfway gone. Summer, my favorite season of the year is here and that simply thrills my soul. There’s something about summer that makes me glow (Maybe not!). I hope you can tell that I am pretty excited! Anyway, five months later and I am back with another stocktaking … Continue reading So Far So Good.

Dear Christian…

Friend,  See, it is really easy to sit on the fence when it comes to the things of the Lord.  It seems absolutely convinient to say we LOVE GOD and still go do things our own way.  But the fact is IT DOES NOT WORK that way!  If you love God like you profess then … Continue reading Dear Christian…