Life Lately || July ’18

With six months in our rear view and the opportunity to take on yet another half of the year 2018. I am extremely thankful for the joys, lessons, and memories 2018 has brought my way so far. Here is my random way of sharing bits from my life. Leggo Taking life easy. (I cannot kee myelf … Continue reading Life Lately || July ’18


Going Back to the Start

This time my determination will be cut out from a different cloth. It will no longer be like the last time that I allowed laziness and negligence to feed on the love I have for connecting with people with writing as a tool.

Staying Unproductive

Classes began today! I started my day with an 8am class! I must say it was quite an experience considering the fact that I thought I was done with early morning classes. Genuinely, part of me seems excited because the beginning of every semester means that my journey in this college "travail" is slowly coming to … Continue reading Staying Unproductive

While Pursuing

Perfectionism: A height we all want to achieve. A barrier that distracts us from the small victories that occur when we pursue the state of being perfect. In that case, I declare that in my pursuit of being perfect I refuse to belittle the progress I make through the course of that journey! Cheers to … Continue reading While Pursuing

Lets be Friends

Hello friends, Since I have been gone for a while, I thought the best way to rekindle our friendship is so I thought as a way to rekindle our friendship since I have been gone for a while. It is not like the "get to know me" posts that I have here and here. I am just … Continue reading Lets be Friends

Never Alone.

It is amazing how often I forget that the God of the universe is with me. I am weak and strengthless but my Savior is strong and mighty to save. You know it is hard to put into words how this simple assurance makes me feel. Saying I feel on top of the world is an epic understatement.