I’ve Missed You

I am not going to sugar-coat the fact that I have been negligent and inconsiderate!
Trust me to totally understand if you are "mad" at me.


Staying Unproductive

Classes began today! I started my day with an 8am class! I must say it was quite an experience considering the fact that I thought I was done with early morning classes. Genuinely, part of me seems excited because the beginning of every semester means that my journey in this college "travail" is slowly coming to … Continue reading Staying Unproductive

While Pursuing

Perfectionism: A height we all want to achieve. A barrier that distracts us from the small victories that occur when we pursue the state of being perfect. In that case, I declare that in my pursuit of being perfect I refuse to belittle the progress I make through the course of that journey! Cheers to … Continue reading While Pursuing

Lets be Friends

Hello friends, Since I have been gone for a while, I thought the best way to rekindle our friendship is so I thought as a way to rekindle our friendship since I have been gone for a while. It is not like the "get to know me" posts that I have here and here. I am just … Continue reading Lets be Friends

Never Alone.

It is amazing how often I forget that the God of the universe is with me. I am weak and strengthless but my Savior is strong and mighty to save. You know it is hard to put into words how this simple assurance makes me feel. Saying I feel on top of the world is an epic understatement.

Oh College

You know, I assumed that after five semesters I will be used to the nerve- wrecking feeling that accompanies the beginning of a new semester. Oh boy, I think I lied to myself because here I am already exhausted and in dire need of a break.